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The Knotter

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The Easiest And Quickest Knot You Will Ever Tie

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Tie Strong Reliable Knots Every Time

Quickly tie perfect clinch knots with this tool. This is by far the EASIEST & FASTEST way to tie a perfect clinch knot every time! It doesn't matter if you are passing your fishing knowledge on the the next generation, your hand-eye coordination isn't as good as it used to be, or you just want a quick and easy way to get your hook in the water, this tool is the perfect addition to your tackle box.

The Knotter was designed to provide a way for anyone to tie a perfect clinch knot in just SECONDS. Whether you are new to fishing, a youth angler, or a seasoned pro...The Knotter ties a perfect clinch knot every time!


  • Tie knots quickly and with ease

  • Perfect for kids learning the ins and outs of the clinch knot

  • Helps people with vision problems, arthritis or shaky hands

  • Works on jigs, hooks, swivels, leaders, flys & crankbaits

  • Become a clinch knot master

  • It will be your favorite item in your tackle box

  • Ships from USA, Arrives in around 2-5 days

  • Won't rust and durable

  • Avoid knot failure with this tool

  • Works on 2-Pound to 60-Pound test line

  • The avid fisherman’s best friend

  • Attach it to a chain or just clip it in your pocket

  • You won’t want to fish without it

  • Don’t let your health problems keep you from the water

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