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Star Chamber Cleaning Tool

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Return Those Dental Picks To The Dentist And Try This Out


Make Quick Work Of Caked On Carbon Deposits

This is the Star Chamber Cleaning Tool engineered by Otis Technology. This tool will find its way into your bag after the first time you use it, making the daunting task of carbon buildup removal in the chamber a snap. It will greatly cut cleaning time.

The Star Chamber Cleaning Tool takes the awkwardness and difficulty out of cleaning the chamber area. Available for multiple build outs. Comes with 6 cleaning pads. This tool quickly and effectively cleans the star chamber in just a few twists. It features a parkerized steel scraper to remove fouling build-up and felt cleaning pads to pick up the fouling loosened by the scraper.

The coated brass nose piece centers the tool in the chamber for proper cleaning, while ensuring it won't scratch or damage anything. With 8-32 threads, a chamber brush or other scraper components can be attached to this tool for added cleaning.

The Star Chamber Cleaning Tool will stand up in the toughest of situations. Its compact design makes it a perfect fit for your range bag.


  • Greatly cuts down cleaning time

  • Scrapes the hardest carbon deposits with ease

  • Get into the tightest spots where carbon hides

  • Highly efficient carbon cleaning tool

  • Lug scraper precisely mates with the locking lugs

  • 8-32 threads to use your other components

  • Brass coated nose piece ensuring no damage

  • Comes with 6 felt cleaning pads

  • Available for multiple builds

  • Breaks free carbon with just a few twists

  • 100% Made In USA


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