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Pump Pal

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The Pump Pal is the innovative gadget you've been waiting for. There's no need to further exhaust yourself after a long day of hiking by blowing up your sleeping pad. The Pump Pal helps you set up camp in no time by blowing up all your inflatables in a matter of seconds. Get off your feet and enjoy that much needed rest to continue your journey in the morning.

This pump does more than inflate though. Having trouble getting your fire started on a cool damp night? Get a few embers and magnify your airflow by pointing your pump at the fire. It also works wonders on dying fires by reigniting the cooling coals giving you time to find more fuel for your flames. The Pump Pal can truly be a life saver!

Space seems to always be an issue when your stuffing all your supplies into your bag. The Pump Pal can help you condense the essentials into compact bags. The attachments work with most vacuum bags that have the screw on cap seal valve. Screw on the included nozzle attachment to the bag and attach the suction cup to the deflation port on the pump to remove all the air from the vacuum bag. You'll be surprised how much more room you will have in your bag with everything condensed.