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A Multi-Tool That Makes The Most Annoying Maintenance Smooth And Easy

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Quickly And Efficiently Maintain Your Equipment

The G.O.T. is a multi-functional tool designed to keep your equipment operating in peak condition. The single tool allows the user to clean, maintain, assemble and disassemble all G Models. The durable polymer injection molded design allows the user to perform all functions without out scratching or marring equipment surfaces.

The punch is clearly the basis for the tool, but with the other features included in this all in one tool, just put it in your range set up and you’re done! One tool for all your G Models. When you experience how quickly and efficiently you can maintain your equipment, you will wonder where a tool like this has been for all these years.

Pin Channel Assist - One Of The Best Features

The incredible pin channel assist which holds the pin assembly securely while you disassemble it. No more springs and spring cups flying across the room as you attempt to hold it all together!

Base Plate Removal - All Models Compatible

A universal base plate removal feature that works on ALL models .380 included!

Angled Edges - Located Front & Rear

One angled edge to clean the slide rails- no more q-tips or improvised sharp, thin edges to get into the channel! Another edge to remove the back strap on Gen 4 and 5 models- polymer to polymer to minimize potential damage.

Metal Punch - The Tool Core

A metal punch to remove pins, among other functions, similar in function to the original tool. 

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