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Dual Arc Electric Lighter

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Dont Let The Wind Smother Your Flame!

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Out Of Lighter Fluid? NO PROBLEM!

With this Dual Arc Electric Lighter, you can say goodbye to those trips to the store when you run out of lighter fluid. All you have to do to refuel this lighter is hook it up to a micro USB charging cable. After an hour or two of charging, your lighter is full of charge and ready to go for the week (depending on usage). Its simple to use, just flip the top and push the button! 

  • Built in rechargeable battery

  • Doesn't produce harmful gas

  • Easily ignites by pushing the button

  • Can be used in any weather

  • No more wasting your money on disposable lighters

  • Spark nearly anything including cigarettes, cigars, water pipes, hemp wick, candles, incense, and more

  • Flameless beams don’t blow out in the wind

  • 100% electric and rechargeable

  • Charged with micro USB cable


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