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Bore Duster

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Spend More Time Training And Less Time Cleaning!

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Say Goodbye to Those Pesky Patches!

The Bore Duster is a barrel cleaning kit that takes the burdensome process of cleaning your equipment and makes it a much more manageable task. This kit replaces the tried and true method of brushing and swabbing with cleaning rods and condenses it down to one smooth swipe through your barrel. It provides 160 times more cleaning surface than your typical cleaning patch.

Choose From:

  • .223 .22 Cal 5.56mm

  • 9mm .38 .357 .380 Cal

  • .44 .45 Cal

  • .40 .41

  • .30 .308 30-06 .300 .303 Cal 7.62mm

  • .17HMR .17 .177 Cal

  • 12 Gauge

  • 20 Gauge

  • .338 Cal


It's very simple to use this product. First and foremost, do a chamber check to ensure it is unloaded. After confirming its clear, open the action. Next, you can either spray your cleaner/lubricant down the barrel, apply it directly to your bore duster, or both. Then, proceed to drop the weighted brass end down the barrel until you can grab it from the opposite end. Finally, guide the embedded bore brush into the bore as you pull the bore duster through the barrel. 


  • Quickly clean your equipment

  • Eliminate the need for patches

  • No exposed metal to damage your bore or crown

  • Spend more time training and less time cleaning

  • Easy clean up

  • Built-in bore brushes

  • Solvent Safe, Machine Washable

  • 160 times more surface area than a patch

  • Takes the place of rod, brush and patch

  • Multiple calibers to choose from

  • Clean your equipment on the go

  • All in one cleaning process


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