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Putt Mate

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Save Your Back For The Rest Of The Course

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Keep Your Expensive Putter Scratch Free

This little accessory is a must have for golfers of all handicaps. The Putt Mate saves your back and knees from having to bend down and grab your ball from the cup. It stays in the putter handle and picks up balls with ease. You can save your strength for the countless other vigors of the course. Once you see how easy and effective this tool is, you wont want to play a round without it.


  • Saves your back from not having to bend over

  • Heavy duty suction cup to ensure pick up

  • Effortlessly picks up your ball

  • Easily screws in and out without damage to grip

  • Doesn’t catch on you golf bag

  • Use your putter as a retrieval tool

  • Simple to install and use

  • Fits all types of grips

  • Less strain on your back and knees


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