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Return Those Dental Picks To The Dentist And Try This Out


Make Quick Work Of Caked On Carbon Deposits

This is the all-in-one tool will find its way into your bag after the first time you use it, making the daunting task of carbon buildup removal a snap and will greatly cut cleaning time.

The BSCC is an All-In-One tool that can remove the carbon from the star chamber (lugs), bolt tail, bolt carrier and pin with ease and precision. The revolutionary tool precisely mates with the locking lugs and has a dual scraping tip carrier reamer to make carbon removal faster and more efficient than ever before. The scraping tool is stored in a Delrin housing, that also serves as the extension handle. 

Durability won't be a problem with this tool. Machined on a 7-axis state of the art CNC machines from the highest quality tool steel, the BSCC will stand up in the toughest of situations. Its compact design makes it a perfect fit for your range bag.


  • Highly efficient carbon cleaning tool

  • Lug scraper precisely mates with the locking lugs

  • Built in bolt tail scraper

  • Dual scraping tip carrier reamer

  • Durable Delrin extension handle and storage compartment

  • A2 Tool Steel, Hardened to 50 HRC

  • Only 2oz (4oz in Delrin Housing)

  • 100% Made In USA

  • Machined on 7 axis CNC equipment


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